Who We Are?

 Picture of me (Richard) behind my desk

Picture of me (Richard) behind my desk

Some History

In the 1910s, my grandfather Louie began selling diamonds and jewelry in Kansas City.  My father, David Dolginow, joined the family diamond business in downtown Kansas City in 1928. In the early 1950s, he expanded the jewelry and pawn shop he inherited from my grandfather Louis and opened “Dolgin’s House of Name Brands.” Dolgin’s grew to nine stores across the Midwest and carried a wide rang of products, but specialized in jewelry. As a young boy, I contributed to the family business and learned about jewelry and gemstones. More importantly, my dad taught me the two most important aspects of business – absolute integrity and top-quality service. As a tribute to my Dad, whom I miss each day, we changed the name of our store in 2003 from Diamond Expressions back to Dolgin’s Diamond Center. Today we are Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler, serving you with personal one to one service and working to become your family jeweler.

Although my Dad passed away many years ago, I always remember and use the principles he taught me – to gain business through selling an honest and quality product at competitive prices with spot-on service. It has been our tradition for three generations to serve clients in Kansas City and Overland and beyond just like that. It continues each day in my studio office in Overland Park, Kansas.

Below are photos of stores owned and operated by my family and me.

About The Studio

My jewelry studio is different from most retail jewelry environments. First, I am an independent jeweler meaning I do not belong to associations or collaborate with other stores or have other locations. Second, there is no "sales help". I love working with people to meet their jewelry needs, so I work with everyone. Marsha and I do collaborate, so there is always a second opinion to make sure we craft quality products. Third, I believe jewelry is a bespoke, so the jewelry I sell is custom-made for you. We design it together. I do sell some unique antique or estate pieces as well, which were not crafted in the studio. While I do have a good selection of jewelry pieces to purchase, I do not have showcases full of jewelry for people to try on. 

You can tour my current office and shop here.

 Marsha working at the bench

Marsha working at the bench

Marsha the Master Jeweler

Marsha and I have worked together for many decades. After graduating KU, she began her career at Dolgin's in North Kansas City. That was almost 40 years ago. Now, she is truly a master jeweler. 

Marsha has the rare talent among jewelers to take an idea to make it a reality. This talent helps us create jewelry of much high quality. She designs pieces and will carve initial wax models. Then, Marsha will take rough castings into the fine finished piece of art