Jewelry Appraisals On All Your Items 

From my studio in the Kansas City metro area, I offer personal service and expert advise on any of your jewelry. For my appraisals, I follow GIA standards and work with you and insurance company. 

An up-to-date jewelry appraisal is an important document used to establish the value of your diamonds, watches, antique jewelry, or other fine items. Most of the appraisal I do are for insurance companies, so that the piece can be added to an insurance policy. In the unfortunate event that the piece is stolen, broken, or lost, this appraisal will identify the piece and state its value, so it can be fairly replaced. In addition to insurance appraisals, families and lawyers often request jewelry appraisals for estate planning, or to divide jewelry on an equal basis.

I have extensive experience as a jeweler and gemologist in the jewelry industry and, using that experience, can appraise any piece of jewelry including rare antique jewelry pieces. In the privacy of my Overland Park office, we can discuss your appraisal needs and get them accomplished. My appraisals include a complete description of the piece including important attributes about the gemstones, and an established value. A photo is especially important to any appraisal. If you lose your jewelry, having a quality photo of it allows for much easier replacement. Once I have appraised a piece, I will update that appraisal upon request and when the value has significantly changed.

In addition, appraisals are included with most every piece of jewelry I sell. If you recently purchased an engagement ring and did not receive an appraisal, require it from your jeweler at no charge. I can appraise it for you, but that should be included in your purchase.

Here is a sample of an appraisal and diamond certification from the Gemological Institute of America.