Spring Clean and Check Your Jewelry

It can't be overstated, the best insurance to keep your jewelry in tact and looking beautiful is a simple clean and check.

We try to remind you with emails, postcards, and blogs to bring your jewelry in to our Overland Park jewelry studio to get your jewelry cleaned and checked. We are not trying to be pushy or repetitive. I can't tell you the number of times we have detected and fixed a problem before a major loss of an expensive gemstone. Individuals often don't realize when prongs, tips or channels have worn away because it happens so gradually.  Many times during a clean and check we have detected that valuable gemstones are hanging on with just a thread of metal holding them in place. The prongs, tips, and channels of a ring can be compared to a set of tires on a car. Over time the tread wears away which can eventually cause an accident.

During a clean and check we scrutinize your jewelry to determine the amount of wear. Check all aspects of the jewelry and then do a simple polish and steaming. This can usually be accomplished while our customers wait unless there are more serious issues to address. 

Your jewelry looks so much better when it sparkles and the security of your gemstones is so important. Stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler to get your jewelry cleaned and checked in our state of the art jewelry studio.