Caring For Your Pocket Watch

Do you have a pocket watch stored away that needs attention?

Years ago I became very interested in pocket watches and their history. For many years pocket watches manufactured in the United States were the finest watches in the world. Many of the manufacturing techniques and historical stories that accompany these watches make them a true piece of history. Because of this I feel that pocket watches should be cared for and preserved. Here are some watches that have been restored by us.

When I started collecting pocket watches I needed someone to help me maintain them. I was lucky enough to find a third generation watchmaker here in the Kansas City area. This gentlemen is the highest caliber artisan and has the expertise necessary to work on the intricate mechanisms of heirloom pocket watches. Because of my association with this gentleman we offer watch repair at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler. 

When you own a pocket watch it is critical to have regular maintenance to keep the fragile components in working order. Once a client of mine unfortunately over-wound an antique pocket watch and stripped spokes on one of the gears. Because these kinds of time pieces are not manufactured anymore, repairs such as this require hand fabrication whenever a part must be replaced. Some antique watches may be best reserved for those few special occasions ever year and not worn on a daily basis. Other less fragile pocket watches when maintained regularly can certainly be worn daily and continue to provide beauty and function for years to come.

 Broken pocket watch gear   

Broken pocket watch gear


If you are interested in having a pocket watch restored or maintained you can rely on the expertise at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.