Rebuild, Resize, Refinish Your Jewelry

With the skills of a Master Jeweler we can rebuild, resize or refinish your jewelry at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.

The quality of our work is exemplary. We are lucky to have one of the best jewelers in the midwest at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler. Whether you bring in your jewelry for a clean and check or bring in family heirlooms to be rebuilt or a ring to be resized the work is done to the highest standards in our state of the art jewelry shop. We do not cut corners in our work and use only the best materials available to do each job properly. We enjoy taking you on a tour of our small and efficient shop to show off our high tech equipment and the techniques we use to ensure your jewelry project is done at the highest standards.

Spring is always a good time to remind you to bring your jewelry in for a professional check to make sure your gemstones are held in properly, your jewelry clasps are intact and your bracelets are secure.

Stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler to have your jewelry items checked, resized or refinished.