The Bracelet Project

A few years ago we started crafting unique, high quality cuff bracelets for our clients. 

The project started with the idea from one of our dear friends and clients. He wanted to incorporate a coin his wife had inherited into a custom bracelet she could wear on a regular basis. This idea turned into the BRACELET PROJECT. Now after many years we have refined the project to a collection of bracelets. Marsha continues to design and make new additions to the collection each year.

Here is a picture of our most recent addition to our collection, that is a fabulous cuff bracelet. The bracelet is made of rose gold and cactus pattern sterling silver with a diamond accent. Cactus pattern silver is produced by casting silver over a mold from the inside of a cactus.

My son recently produced a video to showcase some of the bracelets included in the BRACELET PROJECT. Please view our new video below.

We invite you to stop in at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler to see the bracelet collection. They are truly unique and made to last. I know you will be impressed.