The New Engagement Ring Collection

We have been working hard to create a brand new selection of wedding sets.

Combining wonderful craftsmanship and unique styles, we have choices that will fit the most discriminating tastes. Using white gold, platinum and yellow gold we have combined different metals and setting styles to make these rings unique. Some of the ring styles are from our estate collection while many are custom designed in our jewelry studio. Many of the styles will accommodate different shapes and sizes of diamonds.

When we are designing rings we try to engineer them for long term wear. Many websites that I have observed actually say that their rings are not for everyday wear. Many rings on other websites are so minimal that there is not enough metal holding the diamond. We try to keep the look of our rings to be very brisk but yet wearable for the long term. In many designs we use die struck heads, which condenses the gold so that it will sustain daily wear, reducing the chance of loosing your precious gem.

The main attraction for any engagement ring is the center diamond. Our selection of beautiful diamonds has never been better. We offer top quality diamonds with diamond reports that are cut properly. The diamonds have much fire and scintillation that will be admired on a daily basis. At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler you can always be assured you know the true quality of the diamond you are purchasing. Most diamonds have diamond reports accompanying them, giving you a third party opinion of your gemstone.  

Many retail jewelry stores do not supply appraisals or diamond reports with their rings. We feel that this is a basic service that should accompany every piece of jewelry we sell, at no additional cost. This allows you to immediately get your engagement ring insured, using the paperwork supplied. We can also coach you through the insurance process to be sure your ring is insured properly.

After reviewing our new engagement ring selection, if you happen not to see the perfect ring, we can custom design your own personal selection. Many times we can combine the features of two rings into a new design or we can take your vision and turn it into a magnificent custom project.

At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler we specialize in engagement rings. From our new selection of incredible rings to your custom design we can accommodate any of your needs. Call us to set a meeting time for the best engagement ring experience in the Kansas City area.