The Diamond or Precious Gem in the Center

Something brilliant and sparkly that will give her the chills.

The center of a piece a jewelry is the gem. Typically, the gem is where the true symbolism is. Often, this gem is diamond; however, there are other possibilities including sapphires, rubies, emeralds, amethysts, pearls, and more. I have the experience and inventory to help you find the perfect diamond or gem as I have been selling diamonds in Kansas City for my entire life.

I want my customers to understand their purchase and feel comfortable with what they are buying. The gem is normally the most expensive part of the purchase and is meant to stay within a family for generations. Because of that, I take extra time to explain how diamonds are graded and priced. Most of that explanation is now available online at my blogs on the 4 C's or through the Gemological Institute of America

Finding the right diamond or gem can be difficult. Taking into account personal preferences and your budget, I will find you the perfect center. It is my guarantee.  The advantage of going to a small and experienced local jeweler is I select diamonds and gems based on how each one looks. For example, I may evaluate 10 GIA certified SI1 diamonds before choosing the one with the least noticeable flaw. I sell both diamonds certified by independent laboratories, and every diamond I sell has an full write-up explaining the qualities of the gem.

I sell any type of gem, to fit any budget, and any preference. Click here to schedule an appointment and begin the process of buying your next gem. If you have not purchased before, read these tips.

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