Popular Engagement Ring Styles

finding your perfect look is not easy. here are examples of what styles i have been selling recently. Many of these rings are custom-made but can be recreated to fit your preferences and budget.

Oval diamonds

Over the last few months, I have received a significant number of requests for oval diamonds and have sold oval starting at .80 carat up over 3 carat. Ovals can be set in various mountings. Pictured are two versions of an oval in a solitaire as well as a mounting with side diamonds. Normally, these shadow wedding band completes the wedding set.

Minimal Side Diamonds

A number clients have requested a noticeable diamond with a minimal band of side diamonds underneath. The exact dimensions of these bands depend on the diamond and preferences of the client; however, the single row of diamonds is normally pave set to minimize the appearance of any prongs when looking down at the ring. These minimal bands are flexible in that they can accommodate almost any size of diamond and any shape. The pictures here show the band with an emerald-cut diamond and a round diamond. 

Variations of this ring include different millimeter widths and the curvature of the ring.

Cushion in a Halo

The cushion has been the most popular fancy cut for awhile. It is shaped like a pillow and reflects light strongly. The halo accents a center diamond with a ring or two side diamonds, which are normally round. With new technologies like CAD, halos have become plentiful. There are so many variations and can accommodate shapes other than a cushion. I use a heavy mounting with an integrated head custom-made for the size of your diamond.

Engraving for a vintage look

Rings with engraving have a vintage feel. There are options for what patterns to engraving, how much, and exactly where on the ring should there be engraving. I love beautiful hand-engraving, and Marsha does most of the engraving in our shop. The milligrain edges complement the engraving by adding the beaded edges.