Buying an Engagement Ring

The Process of Buying an Engagement Ring

Set a Budget

An engagement ring is a major purchase. You should feel comfortable with what you are buying. An important part of feeling comfortable with your purchase is having a budget and staying within it. I sell rings in all price ranges and help my clients maximize the value. Visit my blog post for more information.

Find a Jeweler

There are many options. Here is why you should buy from me:

  • Local and small-I am the owner, and you deal with me. I can provide you with personal service and education.
  • Expertise in finding the right ring and gemstone. I have built a strong network of quality gem suppliers and this benefits you because of the wide selection and quality I bring to every transaction.
  • I help you maximize your value. My prices are competitive.
  • I provide ongoing service to keep your ring beautiful.

Figure out Preferences

Engagement rings are available in so many style variations whether it be solitaire, three-stone ring, halo, filigree, or micro-pave. I work with you to discover and understand your preferences. Jewelry is a way to express your personality. You can trust my professional experience as I guide you through the process of finding the perfect ring.

Select a Diamond

Diamonds are prized for their unique beauty and symbolism. A diamond is the focal point of a ring and provides the brilliance and awe. Consequently, the center diamond is the most expensive part of an engagement ring. I will work with you personally to understand the world of diamonds, so that you really understand what you are buying. View a few of my current offerings here. However, I have much more in my studio.

Find a mounting

I work as closely with you on this stage of the purchase as I do when selecting a diamond. I want to understand your preferences, then use my decades of experience to find the right ring. I help you chose rings that match your style and are crafted to endure. A mounting should secure your diamond well while also allowing light to pass through and reveal its unique sparkle.
Here are samples and remember we can also custom-make your dream ring.

Setting the Diamond and Finishing the Ring

Properly setting the diamond or gemstone is like creating a stage for the visual performance of your diamond. We will work with you to find or create a mounting that will showcase your diamond. We have the tools and the skills to expertly perform all the activities that come together to create the perfect engagement ring for each individual.

Ongoing Care

The advantage of small local jeweler is the service I provide. That does not stop once the purchase has been completed. Visit me if there are any problems with the ring such as sizing issues and for free cleanings. Regular clean and checks conducted in my state of the art Overland Park Jewelry studio will help you extend the life of your jewelry. The engagement ring is an investment that must be cared for over a lifetime.

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