My office is a casual low-key environment. We do, however, keep in contact with our clients. We send reminders, highlight jewelry we love, and updates on our office. Here are the press and publications we send out. For your information, we produce these in-house. The ideas, pictures, and layouts are all ours alone.

If you are interested in more immediate updates, please see our blog or social media feeds.



Lookbook 2017

I am so excited for the second year of our lookbook. I have so much fun looking through and remembering the pieces we created. Each jewelry project is so different and can be such a whirlwind. Determining what pieces to include this year was not easy. Perhaps, one aspect of custom jewelry that continues to impress me is the great designs my clients find.

In addition to the custom pieces for individuals, I include pieces Marsha and I designed and crafted as beautiful gifts. The pieces we make allow us to experiment with jewelry materials and techniques, which often became incorporated into future custom pieces.

Please Enjoy!

Lookbook 2016

As a way to feature our favorite pieces, we produced this Lookbook to send out. As I say in the introduction, it is a reminder that Marsha and I get to craft and sell beautiful treasures everyday. It is our job (and one we are fortunate to have)! 2016 is the first year since moving from my 9286 Metcalf store front that we have sent out such a book. 

The pieces are mostly available for holiday gifts though there are a few custom pieces I could not leave out. I will let the rest of the publication speak for itself. Enjoy!


Custom jewelry - featuring heirloom pieces

This custom ring came together so well for such a gracious client I wanted to do a postcard to remember it. The card shows the entire process from breaking apart family heirloom pieces, developing a design in my office with 3 generations of her diamonds, her final design approval, the rough castings, and finished product both pictured on her hand and a photo we took for her insurance appraisal. A few months after receiving the ring, we wrote us some kind feedback.